I Feel His Pleasure

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” –Eric Liddell*, “Chariots of Fire”

Thanks to Pacific Lalique for posting this video on YouTube.

* Scotsman Eric Liddell won a gold medal for the 400 meters and a bronze medal for the 200 meters at the 1924 Olympics in Paris. The following year he left for China to serve as a missionary until his death in 1945.


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  1. Elizabeth–first thank you for your comments on my post about my dad–I responded to you there. Secondly–I love this video–talk about just being happy to be alive…Percy is sitting by me here on the couch and when I started watching the video clip, he was mesmerized. Kindred little spirits I suppose. Also, I love Chariots of Fire–it is one of my favorite movies!!
    Thank you for sharing the clip of the colt—it made this very soggy day and evening much brighter. A big hug to you…

    • Julie, your little Percy is precious. Toby Tyler behaves a lot like the colt, too. I could just feel God’s pleasure as I watched the colt thoroughly relishing the life God had given him. (I had a huge crush on the Eric Liddell character in Chariots of Fire when it came out in ’81) Love!

  2. Yes Elizabeth, Atlanta born and bred…my dad still lives in the house we grew up in…but boy everything is shrinking in around him now as Atlanta gobbles up the old neighborhoods. I use to ride my bike everywhere and loved playing kick the can, on summer nights, with all the neighborhood kids–our parents never worried and we stayed out and gone till all hours just playing—-sadly not something for today’s Atlanta kids however.
    I was a part of Young Life in High School and we use to do a lot with the Dunwoody and Chamblee Young Life groups as Ridgeview was so close to the Dekalb line, close to Perimeter Mall. I bet our paths certainly crossed–a big world just got a little smaller–very nice 🙂

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