“Little Things”

In honor of Mother’s Day. This video is of Marcia Boland singing her song “Little Things.” She wrote it in honor of her two daughters. Such a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing with us, Marcia!!!

“Little Things” – Copyright 2013 Marcia Boland Ministries

1st verse:
the way you touch my hand when I’m havin’ a bad day
the way you make me laugh out loud with the silly things you say.
the rolling eyes that tell me I’m not as cool as I might wish
and how you hug my neck at night and beg for one more kiss.

Oh oh, Little things
Have made this life
Sweeter than my wildest dreams…
Monumental moments I can reckon on one hand
It’s the little things as countless as the sands

2nd verse:
sometimes I look back and can not comprehend
how I ever thought I needed fame and fortune
cause everything that I could ever hope to find,
I see, each time I look into those big, blue eyes.

God forgive me for the times that I can’t see.
The times I think I need more than You’ve given me.
I get so wrapped up in myself that I forget the pleasures
of the things in life that can’t be measured.


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