Lessons from Hannah

Lessons from Hannah

Hannah is my 6-year-old granddaughter, and I absolutely adore her. We enjoy laughing, playing, and learning together. Due to her fascination with everything related to the ocean, I know so much more today about sea creatures than I did four years ago. Each time she comes to visit, we make a trek to the aquarium. My daughter (her mother) has been affected the same way. When she traveled to Malaysia and Singapore recently, she visited four different aquariums in order to take pictures for Hannah to see.
My greatest joy is that Hannah loves the Lord. Since she was tiny, Hannah has wanted us to read the Bible to her daily. When I tell her that she’s my best little buddy, she says, “No, Jesus is your best buddy. Then me.” She’s right. It’s an awesome thing to have your faith strengthened and refined by a child.
Several nights ago, I tucked her into bed and listened as she said her prayers. Her heart was so full that she spent several minutes listing off things for which she was thankful. The one that perhaps touched me most was when she thanked God for her bike bell. You see, although I had told her that we would get one, I hadn’t bought the bell for her yet. Oh, how precious is the heart of a child!
“Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” –Luke 18:17
Do we thank God daily for His many blessings? And do we have enough faith to thank Him for things that we have yet to see? His promises are sure, and He is blessed when we rest so securely in Him that our thanks come prior to the seeing. Glory be to God our Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the indwelling Holy Spirit.


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